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Top Gear Said it Best: Lancias are the Greatest Cars

This 1967 Flaminia Super Sport Zagato is proof.

The new Lancias you see on the road today are nothing in comparison to the brand’s glory days. Today’s Lancias are really nothing more than rebadged Fiats and Chryslers, and that’s an absolute damn shame considering how cool and beautiful the brand once was. We’re talking about names like Stratos, Flaminia, Beta and Montecarlo. Top Gear hosts Clarkson, Hammond and May even named Lancia as the greatest car company ever in a season 14 episode.

For Robert Giaimo, the proud of owner of a gorgeous 1967 Lancia Flaminia Super Sport Zagato, the car made an immediate impact on him for many reasons, notably its elegant simplicity. This aluminum-bodied Italian coupe has more soul and passion than you’d know what to do with. And that right there is what made Lancia great.

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