Top Gear Season 20 Previewed

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The world's most popular automotive program is back starting June 30th.

By this point, you probably know exactly what to expect from the upcoming new season of Top Gear, but don't act like you aren't going to watch it. The new season begins June 30, and the photo previews released by the Top Gear team show the usual: supercars, weird stunts, welding and a fair amount of food. And of course, that supercar to end all supercars, the Hindustan Ambassador will apparently be making another appearance on the show.

It seems we'll also be treated to a view of the presenters all wearing wetsuits, which promises to be just as horrific as you would expect a trio of middle aged men who make a living from never walking anywhere to be. But Top Gear didn't become the most popular automotive television show on the planet based on the sexiness of its hosts, and season 20 will no doubt be as popular as ever.

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