Top Gear Swears Matt LeBlanc And Chris Harris Didn't Speed In Norway

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So where was Rory Reid?

Top Gear has just begun filming its 25th season, now with Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris and Rory Reid at the helm, and already there's trouble brewing. It wouldn't be Top Gear otherwise, right? Of course not. According to The Sun, the Top Gear production team was filming a segment in Norway last week at the 3.5-mile long Atlantic Ocean Tunnel. Not surprisingly, Norwegian authorities are claiming one of the cars (either a Ferrari GTC4 Lusso or Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo) being driven was clocked at 151 mph in a 50 mph zone tunnel.

Police learned of the speeding because of pressure-sensitive sensors in the road, and now they're demanding to know who was behind the wheel. The BBC was quick to claim that neither Matt LeBlanc nor Chris Harris were in the area at the time of filming. There was no comment on Rory Reid's whereabouts, or whether or not he was even involved with this particular segment. Prior to filming, the show's producers received a special permit allowing the cars to go up to 87 mph, but that was quickly revoked once police realized someone went into the triple digits. The BBC told The Sun it was "fully co-operating with the police." It honestly wouldn't be the Top Gear we all know and love if there weren't a few legal hurdles every now and then.

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