Top Gear USA Is Back With Three New Hosts And An Army Of Supercars

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In case you had any free time left after watching Top Gear and The Grand Tour.

The BBC seems to be committing to trial and error after Jeremy Clarkson's fracas, trying to find the best way to revive Top Gear to its previous status as the world's most popular factual television show. The American version of the show was never as much of a success because the lack of dry and sarcastic British humor was almost as apparent as the missing chummy dynamic that the British trio had. Now, it appears that the BBC has brought out the Whiteout and is attempting a do over.

After canning Top Gear USA last June, it now appears that the BBC has set aside some money (presumably after axing Chris Evans' paycheck) to revive America's version of the show. BBC America will host Top Gear America with three new hosts, TV star and racing enthusiast William Fichtner, drag racing champion Antron Brown, and British auto journalist Tom Ford, who goes by the nickname "Wookie." This time around, the BBC will do its best to make the three presenters feel more like friends and less like colleagues. Fichtner you'll remember from the Dark Knight while Wookie will trigger the memories of anyone who's seen Fifth Gear before. Brown is there to, well, inject more 'Murrica into the mix.

Sarah Barnett, President of BBCA, commented: "We are big fans of the mix of cars, credibility and charisma that adds up to the winning formula for Top Gear, and couldn't be happier that BBCA is now the home for the franchise in the US, with Top Gear America joining the original show on our network. Bill, Antron and Wookie are serious gearheads who never take themselves too seriously. It will be quite the trip." While many of us were more than satisfied with the old British Top Gear, the new Top Gear America will attempt to offer something else to American fans by including odes to historic American cars in addition to the usual diet of supercars, celebrity lap times, road trip specials, and appearances by the American Stig.

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Thanks to Top Gear splintering its show by region as well as the punch that started Amazon's foray into the world of automotive entertainment television, the eight-episode season of Top Gear America should only add to your balanced intake of automotive media... given that you have the time to indulge.

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