Top Gear Won't Like The Grand Tour Episode 2 Challenge

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At least Jeff Bezos can afford a nice legal team to get them out of trouble.

When Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May were kicked off Top Gear (or more like when Clarkson got kicked off and the other guys followed him to Bezos' Prime channel) the BBC angrily threatened to sue the trio if they took elements from the past show and added it into the new one. That meant no celebrity hot laps, no Stig, and definitely no holiday specials ripe with absurd challenges. Easy enough of an order to stick to, right?

Well, as you might expect, that plan has gone out the window because what we can gather from the latest trailer for episode two of The Grand Tour's second season, the British good old boys are back at it again with the challenges.

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Not much has changed either because this challenge is intended to test various transportation methods, both public and private, to see which is best for getting from New York City to Niagara Falls. It's reminiscent of the old Top Gear challenges that included a race between a Nissan GT-R and the Japanese public transit system or the time when Hammond injured himself in a bike accident while racing Clarkson (on a hovercraft) and May (driving a Renault Twizy) across Russian streets in St. Petersburg. Seems like they still have no fear of the law (or of death for that matter). Either that or Bezo's new status as the richest man in the world means the trio knows they'll have a great legal team defending them if the BBC does decide to sue.

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