Top Gun-Themed Aston Martin V12 Speedster Is A $1 Million Limited Edition

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A welcome nod to Top Gun: Maverick.

Believe it or not, there are people out there for whom a $150,000 Aston Martin Vantage Roadster isn't nearly special enough. The Vantage F1 Edition? That's a little more unique than a standard Aston but still not quite bespoke enough for clients who have eight, nine, or even ten-digit bank accounts. For 88 discerning customers, the Aston Martin V12 Speedster delivers 700 horsepower with no roof or windshield. All of this Q By Aston Martin custom goodness costs a whopping $950,000.

Aston Martin says the V12 Speedster was inspired by fighter gets, specifically the F/A-18. This is the same sort of plane flown by Tom Cruise's character Maverick in the hit film Top Gun: Maverick. No wonder why one of the 88 V12 Speedster customers wanted their car to match the plane from the movie.
Aston Martin / Paramount Pictures Aston Martin / Paramount Pictures Aston Martin / Paramount Pictures

The UK automaker announced the new V12 Speedster Top Gun: Maverick Specification on social media, pointing out special nods to the new film and the iconic franchise. Finished in a sleek silver (which appears to be Skyfall Silver), the Maverick livery adds bold blue accents around the grille, rear diffuser, buttresses, and Pirelli P Zero tires. Like the fighter plane in the movie, there's even a "Capt. Pete Michell 'Maverick'" decal on the driver's door.

Inside, the interior is finished in a basic black with plenty of carbon fiber. Though we can't see much of the cabin from the provided images, this specification likely bears the same aero-inspired design elements as the other V12 Speedsters.

Aston Martin / Paramount Pictures Aston Martin / Paramount Pictures

In our favorite nod to the blockbuster movie, the rear buttresses house the driver and passenger helmets, which are both painted to match Maverick's lid from the film. There's no word on how much more this unique specification costs, but we assume it's more than base $950,000 MSRP. This is not the first V12 Speedster with a unique livery, as Aston Martin previously showed off an example with a classic Le Mans DBR1 design.

Aston Martin / Paramount Pictures Aston Martin / Paramount Pictures

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