Top Honda Executive Hints Baby NSX Will Become A Reality

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You will be sure to see this in the next Fast and Furious.

Honda and Acura occasionally surprise us with a halo car to spice up the lineup. The old NSX was legendary, and the new one promises to be a worthy successor. Additionally, there was the S2000 which was a favorite of tuners and countryside cruisers. However it was never replaced with a successor when it went out of commission in 2009. The hype of the NSX has also brought rumors of a S2000 successor, or a baby NSX. This car could be a smaller and detuned version of the NSX supercar. We would love that.

Now we have another hint as to its fate. Executive vice president of Honda America, John Mendel, told Autoguide, "I can't tell you anything about the 'baby NSX' … I could, but I'd probably get fired." This, along with patent images released about a month ago, makes a baby NSX seem like a reality. It's about damn time. We are getting tired of run of the mill Civic Si coupes, and the two-seater sports car segment could use some expansion. Now all we need is a production model, over 300 horsepower, and a manual transmission. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

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