Top Reasons to Miss Maybach

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With Maybach on its way out, here's a brief look back on the uber-luxury brand.

Mercedes-Benz is bidding farewell to its ultra-luxury line. Without much of a surprise, Maybach is going the way of the dinosaur. Mercedes-Benz's unique take on inception (a luxury line within a luxury line) is officially being given the axe due to its atrocious sales figures. While Maybach may soon be gone for good, its unique concepts and one-offs will forever live on. If you have ever dreamed of riding in a convertible Maybach or an ultra-luxury rickshaw, then I suggest you continue reading below.

When the 1 percent dream of cars, it's a good bet that they dream of the Maybach Landaulet. The Landaulet was a one-off created to see just how awesome a convertible 62S Saloon could be. The answer, unsurprisingly, is "very." The all-white four door features a private chauffer's compartment and a top that drops in a mere 16 seconds.


One enterprising Maybach 62 owner decided that 62 decimeters just wasn't long enough; so he extended his ride's length an additional 10 decimeters creating the world's first Maybach 72 in the process. The modification successfully doubled both the ultra-luxury ride's rear seating (to four) and its price tag (to $780,000).

The Maybach Excelero is another one-off designed to be both obscenely luxurious and fast. The Excelero has what may be the longest body of any coupe ever created. In spite of its long body, the Excelero is a speed demon, with a V12 engine pumping out 700hp and a 0 to 60 time of 4.4 seconds. Only the wealthiest of the wealthy could dream of owning the Excelero, which had a price tag of $8 million.

Maybach was poised to reinvent the luxury rickshaw market with their DRS concept. The Maybach DRS was a futuristic concept submitted into the 2010 LA Auto Show's design challenge. Highlights of the DRS include its electric engine, DNA coding system designed to store information and the fact that it's a Maybach rickshaw.

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