Top Ten Most Manly Cars (Well, Male-Dominated) on the Road Today

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What models are most owned by men? The answers may surprise you.

Edmunds Inside Line has compiled the top 10 models owned most by men and well, these fast, performance-based cars scream masculinity and carry hefty price tags. Along with a pair of trucks, two Ferraris make the list along with several supercars and the venerable Godzilla rears its ugly head as well. These are the cars that you most likely won't find a babe sitting behind the wheel. The Ferrari 458 Italia ranks first, with 95.3 percent of all buyers men. Apparently women can't handle that 4.5-liter V8 and 570hp.

Second on the list is the BMW 1-Series M Coupe with 92.2 percent of buyers being male and coming in third is the Audi R8 with 91.4 percent of male buyers. #4 through #10 with make and percent of male buyers: Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, 90.0; Ferrari California, 88.4; Porsche 911, 88.2; Nissan GT-R, 87.9; GMC Sierra, 87.5; Ford F-Series, 87.0; Chevrolet Corvette, 86.9.

Sports Car Shootout: Lotus Emira Vs. Porsche Cayman GT4
Sports Car Shootout: Lotus Emira Vs. Porsche Cayman GT4
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