Totaled Bugatti Veyron is Now Up For Sale

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But this could end up being more trouble than it's worth.

Last April, a Bugatti Veyron owner crashed his million dollar hyper car outside of Graz, Austria. The guy somehow lost control in what were supposedly wet road conditions. He spun out and then crashed through a guard rail. The car then fell approximately 40 feet before coming to a rest under a highway overpass. Shit happens. Fortunately the driver escaped unharmed. The Veyron? Not so much. We've now received an update regarding the car's status.

Due to the extensive damage, the owner's insurance company has declared the 1,000 horsepower car totaled. It has now been listed on a Swiss auction website with a starting bid of just 100 Swiss Francs. As of this writing, there are nearly 60 bids with just about a day left to the auction. The highest price bid so far is CHF 230,600. Supposedly the Veyron can be repaired, but the estimated cost is between 730,000 and CHF 855,000. Do the quick conversion to Euros or Dollars and, well, it's still anything but cheap. Would you throw down money for what's left of this Veyron or keep saving to buy one that's not totaled? Check out the poll ahead and let us know.


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