Touareg R-Line Widebody Kit by JE Design Out Now

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Check out the range of improvements JE Design has devised for the Touareg R-Line.

An extensive tuning kit for the VW Touareg R-Line is now available, complete with a wideboy kit, new wheels, engine treatment and new performance handling. The SUV may already have a sporty design, but this kit offers some enhancements in the form of a new sports grille, front spoiler, rear apron insert, front & rear wheel arch kit, and a tailgate panel. Even the interior dashboard, door panels, and roof liner are all finished in Alcantara.

Also available for the body kit is a dual exhaust system complete with stainless steel tailpipes on each side, priced at 595 Euros.JW Design has equipped the VW with 22-inch wheels with ultra-high performance tires. Three different surface finishes are available: matt black with a matt silver front, shadow silver with a polished front, and matt graphite silver with polished edges. Alternatively, Touareg owners can customize their vehicle with custom-painted wheels. The complete wheel & tire package is priced at 5190 Euros, with rims at an additional 690 Euros each.

JE Design has also produced an optimized engine management system, increasing output of the 4.2-liter TDI V8 from 340hp to 410hp and maximum torque from 590lb-ft to 686lb-ft. The result is an improved 0-62mph acceleration of 5.4 seconds from 5.8 and the top speed has risen to 167mph from 150. An engine tweak is also available for the 3.0-liter TDI, resulting in output increasing from 240 to 285hp, and both are priced at 2999 Euros. To improve handling and ensure the enhanced power is maximized, a set of wheel spacers is on offer (409 Euros) as is an electronic suspension module (1428 Euros), bringing the vehicle 35mm closer to the ground.

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