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Bad Luck, America: Aston Martin Didn't Pick You For Its New Factory

Take a wild guess where.

A few weeks ago, word got out that Aston Martin was considering the US state of Alabama as a potential location for a new factory that’ll build the upcoming DBX crossover, due to arrive in 2020. Alabama, of all places, you might be wondering? Actually, the idea wasn’t all that far-fetched; Hyundai, Toyota, and Mercedes-Benz (which owns a five percent stake in Aston) all have major manufacturing plants in Alabama. However, the "Heart of Dixie" wasn’t the only place Aston Martin was looking at.

Other contenders included two UK sites as well as a location somewhere in the Middle East. So for a short time there was the very real possibility Aston Martin would be coming stateside. Well, that ain’t happening. It’s just been announced that Aston Martin has chosen a former airfield in St. Athan in Glamorgan, South Wales, as the site for that new factory. And, go figure, it’s only 130 miles away from its Gaydon, UK, headquarters.

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