ToyBuzz - Awesome Toyota Camatte Concept Car for the Kids Debuts


Toyota is trying to get kids hooked on cars early.

Toyota is attempting to market their cars to a younger and younger audience. The Japanese automaker brought their Camatte Concept car to the Tokyo Toy Show this week and is intended to build interest in car customization, driving and ownership in children. Getting them hooked young? That sounds familiar... The Camatte Concept is essentially a golf cart-meets-Swiss army knife-meets-Pimp My Ride style vehicle consisting of a simple design and easily customizable body.

It measures 2.7m long and 1.2m tall and has interchangeable body panels, doors, roof, lights, tires and rear seats. Check out the easily-customizable concept in action below.

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The quirky little concept also features a one-plus-two interior layout, with the driver able to be a child up front while an adult assists with braking and steering from the rear. The Camatte Concept will be on display from June 14-17 at the Tokyo Toy Show in Japan.