Toying Around with a Russian Cop

This is certainly one way to make yourself look like an idiot no matter what country you're in or language you're speaking.

You’ll look somewhat like an idiot when doing so but as long as you don’t end up in a Siberian gulag, then it could be fun having a talking hamster "talk back" to a Russian traffic cop. The brave Russian citizen behind the wheel of this car was having the closest thing to a conversation with the dash-sitting hamster toy. It does a good job annoying humanity as it repeats your words in a hamster voice. Imagine young children playing for hours with something like this. That would suck.

After the driver is pulled over, the hamster switches its attention to the cop's words, and, well... you can imagine what happens next. To find this clip funny, you don't have to speak Russian. The hamster's got that covered for you.

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