Toyota 4Runner Pickup Imagined

If Toyota ever decided to ditch the third-row seats of its 4Runner SUV and add a pickup bed, it'd probably look something like this.

The recent facelift of the Toyota 4Runner may not appeal to everyone but the vehicle itself is still one hell of a capable off-roader. Despite the growing number of SUVs switching to unibody (read: sedan-based) platforms, the 4Runner has remained true to its roots – even if its front-end now resembles something found on a Tonka toy. But what if Toyota opted to turn the SUV into a pickup? The always talented rendering artist Theophilus Chin asked himself the same question and this rendering is the answer.

Chin correctly points out that back in the Eighties the 4Runner was the SUV variant of the Hilux pickup truck, a long-time favorite vehicle for everyone from farmers to Taliban terrorists to "Top Gear" hosts. The Hilux isn’t sold in the US, but it’s a major seller in many other global markets today. But still, if Toyota wanted to make a 4Runner pickup, it’d probably look something a lot like this.

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