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Toyota 86 Hakone Edition Steals Britain's Favorite Color Scheme

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Bringing class to the boy racer's ride of choice.

It's a rare thing these days to see a Toyota 86 out on the streets that's been left alone by its owner. Most examples have at least one alteration differentiating them from the rest of the world's modified 86s. Usually, it's just a set of flashy rims, but sometimes you get a carbon fiber hood thrown into the mix or in extreme cases, a spoiler the size of a surf board. In either case, Toyota seems to have gotten tired of seeing its handiwork constantly edited by enthusiasts and aftermarket parts manufacturers, because Japan's largest carmaker has just dropped an 86 so pretty that it may as well be a sin to alter it.

The name to welcome here is "Hakone Edition," a moniker that ties this gorgeous Toyota 86 to one of Japan's best driving roads, the Hakone Turnpike located two hours southwest of Tokyo. Toyota designers celebrate the road here by slathering the coupe with gorgeous Hakone green paint. To deter owners from swapping out the spoiler for an aftermarket piece, Toyota paints it a contrasting shade of black, and the dark body and spoiler are themselves contrasted by 17-inch bronze twisted spoke wheels.

Rounding off the look is an interior with tan leather and black Alcantara seats, as if Toyota were trying to steal Britain's favorite color scheme. The mating dance between each color continues with the interior's black elements, like the steering wheel, dashboard, and parking brake cover, getting tan stitching while tan trimmed parts, like the armrest, get black stitching.

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Given that the 86 logo on the passenger-side dash is also tan, Toyota keeps black stitching for the black door trim, knee pad, and gauge cluster visor. The 86 Hakone Edition also gets plenty of goodies like LED headlights and fog lamps, an aerodynamic floor undercover, chrome-tipped dual exhaust, dual zone climate control, and heated seats. Anyone hoping this was Toyota's moment to jump in and supply the 86's 2.0-liter boxer-four with a much needed power boost will be disappointed to hear that the six-speed manual model still makes 205 horsepower and 156 lb-ft of torque while the automatic keeps its 200 hp and 151 lb-ft of torque. If you've been in the market for a Toyota 86 and these colors have made it to the top of your must-have list, then you'll have to wait around for fall, when Toyota will put the 86 Hakone Edition up for sale as a 2020 model.