Toyota 86 Pretending To Be A Lamborghini Is Fooling Nobody

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We hope.

We love the Toyota GR 86. The latest generation of Toyota's budget-friendly sports car has enhanced everything that we appreciated about the last model, and just like the old FT-86 model, tuners are having a field day with the car. Sadly, not every modification carried out in this world is tasteful. We've seen some very odd creations over the years, including a Lamborghini Urus-inspired Toyota 86 buggy. And now we discover this shocker, an almost stock 86 that has been fitted with Lamborghini badges. Why anyone would do this is beyond us, and it seems that not even the owner can live with what he's done, as the car is for sale on Facebook.

Enzo Ak/Facebook Enzo Ak/Facebook Enzo Ak/Facebook

It appears that the car has been sold to a dealership in Toronto and features an Invidia high-performance exhaust system, 18-inch alloy wheels, and a Punch audio upgrade that makes grocery shopping nearly impossible. It also appears that the car was originally black and has been wrapped in this metallic mustard shade that we can't say we're fans of. The taillights have been tinted too, and an aftermarket spoiler has been fitted on the trunk lid. At the front, headlight "eyebrow" accents feature, while the interior appears to be unmolested aside from wear and tear. With 60,000 kilometers (roughly 37,200 miles) on the clock, the car is listed for CA$26,500, or around $21,000 in our money.

Enzo Ak/Facebook Enzo Ak/Facebook Enzo Ak/Facebook

Although it should be pretty obvious to buyers, the dealer has covered itself by expressly stating that the car is not an actual Lamborghini. The engine bay looks stock besides a messily laid wire connected to the battery, presumably for the trunk-mounted subwoofer.

Assuming no hidden tuning has been carried out and that maintenance has been kept up to date, the 2.0-liter naturally aspirated boxer-four should be producing 205 horsepower and 156 lb-ft. Of all the cars to put a Lambo badge on, we think that choosing a low-powered sports car like this must be one of the worst options. But hey, if you think this is cool, make an offer.

Enzo Ak/Facebook Enzo Ak/Facebook Enzo Ak/Facebook Enzo Ak/Facebook
Source Credits: Facebook

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