Toyota 86 TRD Griffon Has Supercar Abilities

Those who still doubt the abilities of the Toyota GT86 should be convinced by TRD's ultra-lightweight Griffon Concept.

As previously announced, Toyota's Gazoo Racing division has just revealed its rebodied, twin-charged GT86 concept at this year's Tokyo Auto Salon. But unlike the numerous other tuned GT86s and Subaru BRZs on hand at the yearly Japanese tuning show, this particular one offers supercar levels of performance. Thanks to extensive use of lightweight carbon fiber applied to the front and rear bumpers, hood, doors, trunk, rear spoiler and other vital elements, the 86 TRD Griffon Concept weighs just 2,279 lbs.

The 500-lbs weight reduction is helped along by the polycarbonate windows. TRD also stiffened suspension and added a new exhaust system to the 2.0-liter boxer four, mated to a six-speed manual. As a result, the Griffon concept lapped the Tsukuba Circuit in 1:01.872, which makes it faster than the Ferrari 458 Italia's 1:02.24 lap time.

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