Toyota AE86 Track Car Seeks Help From High-Revving Honda Powerhouse

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This is a remarkably clean build utilizing one of the greatest Honda engines ever made.

The Corolla AE86, the model that inspired the modern-day Toyota GR86, has long been revered as a proper driver's car, but it sorely needs more power, and a Honda engine is the perfect answer.

The AE86 below is owned by Phil Morrison of UK-based Driftworks and is powered by a Honda F20C engine - the motor from the S2000 and one of the highest-revving engines ever made. It was sourced from a Honda S2000 that met an unfortunate fate in a hedge, but one man's loss is another's gain, and this swap has been done before to great effect. In this case, RS Fabrication manifolds have been added, and the Honda engine now makes a dyno-tested output of 247 horsepower at the flywheel.

Phil Morrison/Instagram Driftworks/YouTube Phil Morrison/Instagram

Regarding interior modifications, the previous setup included two Bride seats and Drift Works harnesses, but will soon be replaced by Sparco Pro 2000 seats focusing on achieving a proper driving position for a tall individual. A T45 TIG-welded cage is also present to ensure safety. The standard S2000 dash has been swapped in and remains fully functional, complemented by AEM gauges and an AEM ECU, including an adjustable speedometer and a 9,200 rpm limit.

Externally, the car exhibits a striking aesthetic with a genuine Run Free body kit (front, sides, and back), accompanied by fat arches crafted with expertise by Paul from Magic Arrow. It is rolling on classy Work Meister wheels; the two-piece ensemble may transition to Work Equip 40s with a gold center and polished lip. Other body modifications include TRD parts, a genuine STI RA hood scoop, and a roof vent.

Phil Morrison/Instagram Driftworks/YouTube Driftworks/YouTube

The car's suspension currently features Tokico HTS components, but there are plans for replacement. The Driftworks CS2 kit, once considered, is no longer available due to the intricate front knuckle design. Future intentions involve crafting a custom setup with digressive CS2 dampers for precise ride height, stroke, bump stop, and valving tuning.

Weight and balance considerations reveal a recorded weight of 2,150 pounds, with 56% bias on the nose. Plans involve addressing weight distribution, considering fuel weight and the absence of the driver's weight in the calculation.

Obviously, the build isn't complete, but this Honda F20C-powered Toyota AE86 should become a well-balanced track car that will give its owners years of track driving and development fun, and with a Honda motor at its heart, it should be absolutely bulletproof. We can't wait to see it rip.
Phil Morrison/Instagram Driftworks/YouTube Driftworks/YouTube

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