Toyota And Lexus Really Don't Want People To Drive Anymore

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At least accidents will go down.

Just last week, the NHTSA and IIHS announced that approximately 20 automakers and three agencies were looking into making automatic emergency braking (AEB) standard equipment by 2022. Toyota was on that list but has upped the ante with a new claim. According to Autoblog, nearly every Toyota and Lexus model will come with AEB by 2017. For those keeping track, that's next year. This news comes after Toyota joined forces with two other automakers to develop artificial intelligence for autonomous cars.

Many models from the automaker already offer AEB as part of the Toyota Safety Sense and Lexus Safety System+ packages. However, drivers have had to pay extra for these options. By the end of 2017, every car in Lexus and Toyota's lineup will have AEB, except for the Toyota 86, Lexus GS and Toyota 4Runner. The new AEB feature will become a part of Toyota's safety suites and will be included in 25 Lexus and Toyota models. Both automakers already offer drivers a host of safety features to avoid collisions, and with this new technology being added to its vehicles, it looks like Toyota is working towards the day when humans will no longer be behind the wheel.

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