Toyota Announces Massive Prius Recall

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1.9 million models to be recalled worldwide.

A software glitch in the hybrid system has forced Toyota to recall all 1.9 million units of its third-gen Prius sold worldwide. A spokesperson said that around half the cars affected are in Japan and 713,000 in North America. No accidents have occurred as a result of the defect that could cause the car to slow down suddenly. "The setting of the software could cause higher thermal stress in certain transistors within the booster converter and these transistors could deform or become damaged as a result.

This will result in various warning lights being illuminated and will probably cause the vehicle to enter a failsafe mode," said Toyota. The carmaker also revealed that in limited cases the hybrid system could shut down leading the car to stop while being driven. This is the third recall for the five-year-old Prius, following a brake accumulator problem last June. Nevertheless, Toyota was the top-selling carmaker last year with worldwide deliveries hitting almost 10 million vehicles.

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