Toyota Aygo Tobasco Edition is a Condiment-ally Friendly City Car

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A car named after a condiment? That's something we certainly haven't seen before.

Toyota has already released their Fire and Ice Aygo special editions, so naturally the next step would be to create the Aygo Tobasco. No really, that is what the Japanese automaker is calling their latest special edition city car. Since 'Cayenne' was already taken by Porsche, the Tobasco special edition (Tobasco, like the spice, but probably just a rip-off of Tabasco, the sauce) features plenty of orange and new equipment for added luxury.

In terms of styling, the Orange Spice exterior (also available in Black or Dark Gray) complements the orange interior along with touches of black and gray for an interesting look. The city car also features a new stereo and seats on the inside along with all the accoutrements usually found in the Aygo+. As a quick refresher, the Toyota Aygo packs an efficient 1.0-liter 3-cylinder gasoline engine, good for 4.3l/100km (the Aygo is currently sold only in Europe) and gives off only 99g/km CO2. No official pricing has been released as of yet for the Toyota Aygo Tobasco special edition.

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