Toyota Builds a GT86 Midget

A miniature Toyota GT86 is built from the ground up live on stage in a blazing fast time that is nothing short of impressive.

Automakers often stage events in order to promote their latest cars. Typically they are limited to press conferences and live auto show premieres. However, Toyota of Japan had something else in mind at the 2012 Toyota Engineering Society (TES) engineering festival. Starting off with a Daihatsu Midget, a team of Toyota engineers took to the stage to strip it of its body panels and other components all the way down to its bare chassis. The next step was to rebuild it with custom body panels resembling those from the GT-86 sports coupe.

As you'll see from the video, the final result looks like something straight out of a cartoon. Despite the cheesy pomp and cheering, the newly christened 86Q actually works. Not bad for a live stage event.

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