Toyota Builds Car for Kids (and Small Parents)

Toy car can be driven by children and their oompa loompa sized parents.

McDonalds does it with the Happy Meal. And now Toyota is looking to get kids hooked on cars from an early age with the introduction of the Camatte57s unveiled at a toy show - where else? The Japanese carmaker’s latest creation is dubbed the Camatte57s. The odd name is an amalgamation of “Camatte” from the Japanese word for care, “57” that references the 57 small, lightweight detachable panels which make up the body, and “s” standing for the Japanese word “sawaru” meaning to touch.

The idea behind the electric-powered child-friendly concept, which builds on the original Camatte unveiled last year, is to inspire the next generation of drivers. The three-seater roadster, currently on display at the Tokyo Car Show can be customized in a range of colors and designs, while the pedals and seats can be adjusted so children and their vertically-challenged parents can drive. Just keep them away from the local drive-thru or by the time they hit adulthood the only Toyota they’ll be driving is a Sequoia.

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