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Toyota Camry Finally Fails at Something

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Hint: it's no longer recommended by Consumer Reports.

Ever since that whole unintended acceleration debacle, Toyota has had a tough time reestablishing itself as the always safe-and-reliable automaker. Just as things have begun to get better for the Japanese automaker, a catastrophe occurs: Consumer Reports has pulled its coveted recommendation status for the Camry. And the reason? Poor crash test results. Ironically, Toyota's luxury division, Lexus, was ranked by the magazine as the most reliable brand on the market today.

However, the Camry wasn't the only Toyota model not to be recommended. It was joined by the Prius V and RAV4, which also received a "poor" rating in the crash test. The bottom line here is that this is absolutely terrible news for Toyota. What was once its bread and butter family sedan is now a potential death trap. Toyota has already begun to make some changes to the Camry in order to get things fixed, but the damage may have already been done.

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