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Toyota Camry Isn’t Going Anywhere Despite Massive Crossover Popularity

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Unlike the Ford Fusion, the Toyota Camry remains a sales success.

A few months ago, Ford made the strategic and bold decision to kill off the majority of its sedans and hatchbacks by 2020 or so. The Fiesta, Focus, and Fusion are all goners. Their replacements will be crossovers. One likely example: the rumored next-generation Focus-based baby Bronco crossover. So, this all begs the question: Will any of Ford's competitors make a similar lineup change?

According to Automotive News, Toyota won't. The recently redesigned Camry mid-size sedan is not only selling well in the US, but it's also slated to go on sale in Europe next year, aiming specifically at fleet customers who want a midsize sedan with low C02 figures.

"They are still popular among Uber drivers in big cities such as Paris, and they are a good choice for business-car fleets," a global automotive analyst from JATO Dynamics told Auto News. The redesigned for 2018 Camry has been off to a solid sales start for this year so far, while sales of its Ford Fusion midsize sedan rival are down compared to this time in 2017. Chances are, 2018 won't be a good year for the Fusion. The past proves it. In 2015, a total of 25,576 Fusions were sold in the US.

The following year, however, sales dipped to 19,132, and last year dropped again to 17,444. Meanwhile, Toyota Camry US sales have not only been holding steady but actually increased from 33,412 to 43,331 units in 2016 and 2017, respectively.

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Chances are the final 2018 tally will come close if not beat 2017 sales. There's no chance of that happening for the Fusion. Even its identical twin, the Mondeo, has a murky future in Europe. The likelihood of the Mondeo surviving while the Fusion is killed off doesn't sound like a realistic possibility. Meanwhile, Toyota will be more than happy to expand Camry European sales.

Given that the eighth-generation Camry has been earning universal praise not only for the typically always stellar Toyota build quality but also for much-improved driving dynamics. Remember, Toyota benchmarked vehicles such as the BMW 3 Series for this category and the results have paid off.