Toyota Camry to Receive Major Facelift to Alleviate Boring

2014 New York Auto Show / 104 Comments

Then again, we've heard this all before.

It's no secret that Toyota is fully aware of just how bland its current Camry is compared to its rivals. Then again, that previous sentence is nothing new and could have been written many times over the years. Only this time, however, Toyota is truly on a quest to add some mojo to its models, and the Camry is one of the best places to start. The best-selling car in the US for the past dozen years will be the recipient of a major refresh that'll debut next month at New York.


This won't be any minor nip/tuck; it's a full-on round of major plastic surgery that'll see significant changes inside and out. For starters, the sheet metal will be new with "bold changes" that will likely resemble the styling featured on the newly launched Corolla. The Camry's suspension will also be retuned for sportier handling and the interior will gain improved materials and fit and finish. Trim levels, notably the base model, will see improved content and features. This is a big deal for Toyota especially considering one of the Camry's biggest rivals, the newly redesigned Hyundai Sonata, will debut at the same venue.

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