Toyota Can't Decide If It Wants To Sell You A Hypercar

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We're pretty sure there would be more than enough interest.

Toyota will be joining the new LMDh class for hybrid Le Mans hypercars. We've been getting tidbits of information on the racer over the past few months, but things seem to be very much up in the air in Japan. Almost two months ago, it seemed that the hypercar may be canceled, and while Aston Martin has already revealed its Valkyrie for the road, Toyota hasn't shown us a production road car yet. In fact, Toyota hasn't revealed its competition-ready racer either, so what's happening?

Well, following the reveal of this year's race car, we can confirm that the next-generation hypercar is still on track, but sadly, Toyota still has not made a decision on whether or not to sell a roadgoing version.


If you remember the original rules surrounding the hypercar class, this news may not make sense - aren't these new Le Mans hypercars required to have a roadgoing version to be eligible for competition? That used to be the case, but the requirement has since been dropped, although Aston's Valkyrie, Mercedes-AMG's One, and others are already too far down that road to turn back (not that they'd have trouble selling the car anyway). So what about Toyota?

Development remains a tumultuous process for the GR Sport team, with Racer reporting that a pre-production prototype caught fire at Fuji Speedway. As a result, the rumor doing the rounds is that Toyota has axed the road car project altogether.


Toyota has declined to comment on the report, refusing to clarify anything one way or the other, so we have no idea if a roadgoing version will ever be completed. If it does, it seems likely that the name will indeed be GR Super Sport, a claim that trademark filings from last year seemed to refute. Those filings aren't there for nothing though, so until Toyota decides to open up on the story, all we can provide you with is guesswork.

Source Credits: Racer

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