Toyota Celica Burns Goodwood


Johnny Milner pilots his heavily modified Toyota Celica to the best time of the day at Goodwood. His 800hp Celica propelled him to 1st place in 48.07 seconds, passing all competitors including F1 cars.

Goodwood's 1.6 mile long driveway is one of the most unique short time trials around. The 300ft up-hill, twisting and turning path to the Goodwood House brings out many different competitors and this year, one surprise winner. British Rally champ Johnny Milner built and raced his bright orange Toyota Celica to a first place finish in a lightning quick time of 48.07 seconds. Although he missed out on winning the televised 'shootout', his time was best of the day.

Based on the sixth generation Celica, the 800hp all-wheel-drive machine even took out all the F1 cars on its way to victory. The heavily modified Celica weighed in at a slim 2,318 lbs. The driver's position was set back 12 inches for better weight distribution and the car's center of gravity has been lowered by raising the wheel arches and upper suspension mounts. A flat floor and rear diffuser furthered the Celica's low profile. Its stock engine was replaced by a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder WRC Toyota Corolla Rally engine paired with a Garrett turbocharger and a Rotrex supercharger.

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It features a 5-speed manual transmission with a Fensport triple-plate clutch. The effective output of all these modifications give the Celica is 700hp, but boosted by a nitrous oxide system the Celica can top 800hp.