Toyota Century GRMN Is Literally A Dream Come True

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Akio Toyoda is a very special kind of crazy person.

For years the CEO of Toyota has been threatening to bring a splash of color back to the beige automaker who seemed to have lost its way when it came to making fun and easy to love products, rather than reliable appliances that delivered your children to swimming practice.

Since Akio Toyoda's ascension to the helm at Toyota, the brand has brought out the 86 in partnership with Subaru, developed the new Supra with BMW, created a dedicated racing division the Gazoo Racing Masters of Nurburgring, developed a rally-bred version of the Yaris that's actually sold to people, and there's even been a hypercar concept inspired by its successful LMP1-hybrid racecar.

But according to Japanese Nostalgic Car, Akio's real dream was something even more absurd. Shortly after Toyota debuted the third-generation Century at the 2017 Tokyo Auto Salon last October, a Japanese talk show asked Toyoda-san what he envisioned as the perfect car. In turn, he responded that what he actually really wanted was a Century tuned up by the GRMN engineering team.

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At the time everyone thought it was a funny joke following in the wake of the Japanese-exclusive Century's new remodel, just the second since the car first debuted in 1967. Turns out, Toyoda-san wasn't joking, and the Century GRMN is extremely real, so real in fact that Akio rolled up to a meeting in Tokyo earlier this week riding the back of a white prototype.

The sporty version of the classic luxury sedan features unique front, side, and rear lip extensions, along with a lip spoiler, a far more aggressive looking alloy wheels, and 'GRMN' badges which indicates the works. It's believed the car is still using some version of the Century's 5.0-liter hybrid V8, but no hints regarding additional power or chassis modifications.


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