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Toyota Collection Will Display Cars With Over One Million Miles On Them

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But is Matt Farah's million-mile Lexus one of them?

Driving a car more than one million miles isn't easy. if you drove the 12,000 miles the average person does each year, it would take 83 years to travel a million miles. Yet plenty of cars, mainly taxis and other service vehicles, have surpassed the million-mile mark. One enthusiastic owner has even driven his Volvo P1800 over three million miles by performing regular maintenance.

Hitting the million-mile mark is quite an accomplishment and Toyota wanted to celebrate with a display of high-mileage, record-breaking vehicles in the Toyota Collection.

On Saturday, October 6, the Toyota Collection in Germany will host its first high-mileage theme day. Toyota will display a collection of durable models, all with six or seven figures on their odometers. The goal is to show off how reliable Toyota models can be with just the simplest of maintenance.

Toyota hasn't said exactly which models will be on display but did mention a Toyota Avensis in Berlin with over one million kilometers (around 621,000 miles). Admission is free and experts from the Toyota High-Mileage Club will be there to give advice on how to maintain a high-mileage car.

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A few years ago, a local Toyota dealership bought back a 2007 Tundra with over one million miles on it. The owner had covered the distance in less than 10 years, averaging 125,000 miles per year and servicing it 117 times at the same dealership in the process. We'd love to see the Tundra on display, but it seems unlikely considering the collection is in Germany.

We also thought Matt Farah's famous million-mile Lexus would be perfect for such an exhibit. Unfortunately, Lexus has already told Farah that having high mileage on a Lexus LS isn't special, it is what it was designed to do. Sorry to any Smoking Tire fans, but the million-mile Lexus won't be on display.