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Toyota Confirms Another GT-86 is Coming

But the BRZ's future isn't as clear.

With worldwide sales of the Toyota GT-86 entry-level sports car and its Subaru BRZ brethren down in the dumps, Toyota seems to be intent on keeping its foothold in this sexy little market segment. Speaking to Motoring, Karl Schlicht, the executive vice president of sales and marketing for Toyota Motor Europe, said the Japanese automaker is "pretty serious about keeping the GT 86 pure and keeping a car like that in our lineup." Does this mean that a second generation is underway?

It's down the road," Schlicht said, but "the GT-86 has to go through a normal lifecycle." As for the car's twin, the Subaru BRZ, the future doesn't seem as clear-cut. Schlicht declined to comment on whether the next-generation GT-86 would also include a collaboration with Subaru.

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