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Toyota Corolla Hybrid Is Coming

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It may even come equipped with AWD.

Toyota announced the much-awaited 2020 Corolla sedan at the recent RAV4 launch event and gave us some insight into what engine and trim options will be coming our way. It also announced that a hybrid variant would be added to the line-up, a first for the US market, and told us to wait until the official debut on 28 November for further details.

The sole image provided revealed half of a trunk lid and a blue-tinged Toyota badge. Being the impatient sorts that we are, we weren't happy with that and did a little digging to unearth some more info ahead of time.

What we do know for certain is that the new Corolla sedan will be using a version of the TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) modular platform used for other Toyota products, which includes the upcoming 2019 Prius.

That hybrid vehicle is also scheduled for a full reveal at the LA Auto Show and it is quite likely that both of these models will be sharing a lot of their drivetrain architecture. There is most likely going to be a 2.0-liter version of the current 1.8-liter Atkinson cycle motor as used in the post-2016 Prius, featuring incremental improvements to the battery pack and control software.

As before, it will be mated to a CVT transmission, although this time with a new launch feature that should eliminate that sluggish feel when pulling away from the lights.

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Judging from the snowy teaser pic of the Prius, rumors suggest it may be offered in both FWD and AWD formats too. This could find its way into the hybrid Corolla as well and should appeal to customers living in more remote areas of the US. Who knows, we may even see the introduction of a hybrid Corolla Hatchback too.

We will need to wait a couple more weeks before the final details are revealed, but the addition of a hybrid drivetrain to the successful Corolla range is sure to broaden this capable vehicle's appeal even further.