Toyota Corolla Sleeper Gets 400 HP, Celica Power, And 4WD

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As a JDM fanboy, the owner doesn't like driving anything German.

Not everyone likes to drive around town in flashy or expensive cars. Some - like NBA star Kawhi Leonard who makes millions yet daily drives a 1997 Chevrolet Tahoe - prefer to get behind the wheel of cheap cars that give them a thing or two to smile about.

This is a similar story to a guy named Boris as he instead enjoys driving his '90s Toyota Conquest, which was South Africa's name for the Corolla Hatchback. He had the pleasure of racing in cars like the BMW M3, Volkswagen Golf GTI, and even a Nissan R35 GT-R, but for him, nothing beats a modified cheap car like his Corolla.

Boris shared he chose to own a Toyota Corolla because he is a proud JDM fanboy. Movie franchises such as Need For Speed and Fast and the Furious helped him get into the tuning scene. And now, the Corolla owner said he couldn't stop turbocharging cars.

But Boris' Corolla isn't just your average hatchback - it's fitted with powertrain components from the Toyota Celica ST205 including its four-wheel-drive system and the 3S-GTE engine. He claims the engine, paired with a GT35 turbo, is capable of delivering 402 horsepower on all four wheels.

When fed with ethanol and reaches over 50 percent, Boris said the boost can reach around 21.76 psi. He installed all sorts of sensors including an ECU Master advanced display unit to monitor whether the car is holding it together.

Stepping away from the performance department, this certified sleeper comes with a very unassuming exterior design in red and a few aftermarket brand decals. Inside, the rear seats are removed, while the front passengers have Subaru WRX STI seats, which, in Boris' own words, are "the most unreliable part of the car at the moment." He is eyeing a good seat replacement from Honda, but nothing tickles his fancy for now.

Boris may not be driving a high-end performance car from luxury brands but he's happy to see how far his project car has come considering the costs of modifications.

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