Toyota Crashes BBQ with Big Surprises for 50 Millionth Customer

If you were going to recently purchase a Toyota and went in a different direction, this could have been your barbecue.

Earlier this year, Apple, one of the world’s wealthiest companies rewardedBrandon Ashmore, of Ohio, for downloading the 50 billionth app on iTunes. What did he get? A $10,000 App Store Gift Card. Gee thanks $150 billion dollar company. Toyota, a company that makes almost the same quarterly revenue as Apple, recently rewarded its 50 Millionth US customer, Michael Dee, a NY cop, with a brandspanking new RAV4 and in addition, they paid off the Camry that he bought to be number 50 million.

We're not sure if Michael Dee's occupation had anything to do with it, but somehow we don't see the PR stunt working with a porn bootlegger. At any rate, congrats to the Dee family. The impromptu BBQ crashing by a stiff Toyota suit carrying balloons is quite entertaining.

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