Toyota Crown Coming In Sexy Coupe And Convertible Flavors

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New, aspirational Crown models will bridge the gap between Toyota and Lexus.

Toyota clearly realizes how lucrative a legendary nameplate can be. We're referring to the Toyota Crown, recently unveiled as a quirky high-riding sedan bound for the United States. The Crown is not only Toyota's longest-running passenger-car nameplate but was the first Toyota to be exported to the USA.

Last month, we discovered that the Crown will be launched in three additional body styles in selected markets, including a sporty SUV. Now, reports have emerged that both coupe and convertible versions of the Crown are on the way as well. If Toyota confirms this, it means that the Crown nameplate will be attached to no less than six distinct models. The news comes via the latest edition of Japan's Best Car magazine, which is known for its accurate predictions and inside information.

Best Car via Automotive Press/YouTube Best Car via Automotive Press/YouTube

Expected to arrive sometime in 2025/2026, the coupe is to be developed for Western markets, including North America. The convertible is less certain but is possible. Toyota already tried to find success with a sedan-based coupe in the rather uninspiring Camry Solara, but the Crown coupe will likely be a much better car - it also won't have much competition since luxury coupes are rarer than ever.

With this development, it looks like Toyota is positioning the Crown nameplate as a luxury sub-brand that bridges the gap between existing Toyota products and its dedicated luxury arm, Lexus. As these renderings from Best Car magazine demonstrate, the Crown coupe and convertible have the potential to take the Toyota badge more upmarket than it's ever been.

Both two-door models have sleek lines that work brilliantly with some of the Crown sedan's styling cues, such as the broad, low grille. Resembling a grand tourer more than an outright sports car, the Crown coupe and drop-top will likely prioritize comfort and technology over 911-chasing dynamics.

Best Car via Automotive Press/YouTube Best Car via Automotive Press/YouTube

Technical details are unknown but the two-door Crowns could adopt the sedan's Hybrid Max powertrain that makes 340 horsepower, with most of that coming from a 2.4-liter turbocharged engine. A four-cylinder in an aspirational coupe would be a bit disappointing, though, so perhaps Toyota will at least consider a V6.

Predictions are that the Crown sedan will top out at $70,000 or so, so the more aspirational coupe and convertible could cost in the region of $75,000. This would also prevent the Crown coupe from getting too close to the V8-powered Lexus LC, which begins at around $94,000.

Although asking buyers to spend this much on a Toyota coupe instead of something from Germany like the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe is a tough ask, we hope that the Crown coupe gets the green light.

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