Toyota Crown Revealed, Fast Hyundai EVs Coming, And More V12 Paganis On The Way: Cold Start

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A lot has happened in the last 24 hours of automotive news.

Good morning, and welcome to your daily fix of the most important automotive news stories of the last 24 hours, Cold Start. Since yesterday's roundup, we've seen Tesla's man in charge of AI resign. We've also seen that people will pay silly money for old Ferrari color swatches, and Porsche has delved into the world of ice cream. Yes, seriously.

But today, our roundup will focus on much more important stories, including the reveal of the new Toyota Crown, Hyundai's fast new EVs, and Pagani's decision to give up on EVs. We also have a scoop on F1 tech coming to a Honda near you before closing with how thieves may be able to steal that very Honda from under your nose. Welcome to the weekend.


Toyota Reveals The Crown, A Tall Sedan With Divisive Styling

After a long wait, the Toyota Crown has finally been revealed to the world. We won't comment on the styling too much until we've seen it in the metal, but we're pretty confident in saying that this car will stand out anywhere. Looks aside, with loads of space and enough tech to keep the whole family happy, it should be successful. It should be light on juice too, as hybrid powertrains are the only offerings. A 2.5-liter four-pot hybrid is joined by a more powerful 2.4-liter hybrid with two electric motors, enough for 340 horsepower and a 0-60-mph sprint time in the region of five seconds.

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Hyundai Makes EVs Cool With 2 New Concepts

Hyundai continues to wow us with new models, and what's most remarkable about the automaker is that its EVs are genuinely cool. At the same time, the South Korean company has also been hard at work proving that hydrogen can be a viable alternative. Now, Hyundai has unveiled a fast concept based on the Ioniq 6 called the RN22e. With AWD grip, 576 hp, and a top speed of 155 mph, we're very excited for the future of Hyundai's N performance brand. As for the hydrogen-powered concept, called the N Vision 74, Hyundai has gone retro in design and futuristic in performance, with an astonishing 679 hp on tap.

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Nobody Wants An Electric Pagani, So It Won't Happen

Horacio Pagani recently spoke to Autocar to chat about the future of his business in an environment where everyone from BMW to Bugatti is preparing for an electric future. Pagani noted that, while the rest of the world may be moving that way, the people who buy his cars value emotions and experiences above outright performance. As such, a four-year case study has concluded that no current Pagani customers would be interested in an electric model. Thus, Pagani will continue to offer Mercedes-AMG V12s for as long as they are available. Fortunately, Mercedes seems to be very happy to continue working with the automaker,

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F1 Aero Tech Coming To New Hondas

Yesterday, the sleuths here at CarBuzz uncovered a number of new technological advancements that have been submitted to various intellectual property offices for patenting. Among them was a patent for morphable side skirts that are designed to improve aerodynamic efficiency. Think of the ground effect F1 cars that Colin Champman's Lotus used to campaign, and you're halfway there. However, this is not about ground effect as road cars are not fast enough to take advantage of these principles. Instead, this patent aims to smooth the airflow hitting the rear tires, although there are underbody aero benefits too. There's too much to cover in a 100-word recap, so we'd highly recommend reading the full article linked below.

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Honda Cars Can Be Easily Hacked

This year, we've seen a number of people talking about the ability of one to hack a Tesla. Sometimes, these hacks can enhance the car, but in other cases, they leave you vulnerable to criminals. Unfortunately, a new Honda hack falls into the latter category. The software is called a 'Rolling-Pwn' attack and was discovered by Star-V Lab researchers Wesley Li and Kevin2600. Effectively, the hack exploits Honda's keyless entry system to start the car. It does so by transmitting the proper authentication codes between the car and the key fob, and while these systems ought to prevent this by sending out unique authentication codes each time the remote fob is pressed, this is not happening. It's not new to Hondas and Acuras either, so we hope a fix becomes available soon.

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