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The Crown family continues to grow.

While we still wait for the new Toyota Crown sedan to arrive in America, the Japanese marque has been extremely busy expanding what is quickly developing into something of a flagship sub-brand. The Crown name has already been applied to three other body styles, including a wagon and SUV, and rumors out of Japan suggest that classy coupe and convertible variants are on the way too.

It seems that the Crown range is still set to grow as CarBuzz has now discovered a new trademark filing for a Crown Signia. Initially filed with the Instituto Nacional da Propriedade Industrial (INPI), the trademark and intellectual property office in Argentina, the Signia name has also been filed in the USA and New Zealand. It isn't obvious whether the Crown Signia name will be for an all-new body style or a trim of one of the models that have already been shown.

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When Toyota revealed the three new Crown body styles, no Signia derivative was announced. As mentioned, that group is made up of four so-called "types" and these are: Sport Type (a sporty SUV), Sedan Type (a more conventional sedan than the crossover-style one coming to the US), Estate Type (a wagon-style SUV), and the Crossover Type (the quirky sedan coming to America).

If the Crown Signia is indeed a new trim, we assume it will be a more luxurious one with the best features and the highest price tag. Other examples of this strategy include GMC with its Denali line and Toyota itself with the new Tundra Capstone, probably the most luxurious pickup that the brand has ever made.

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However, if the Crown Signia name is applied to a new body style entirely, it could be for the rumored coupe and convertible. Based on initial renderings, these models appear to be upscale grand tourers that could bridge the gap between Toyota and its dedicated luxury arm, Lexus. With a presumably higher positioning in the market, it wouldn't be a surprise if they were given their own name, hence Crown Signia.

But could another Crown body style receive the Signia name? Anything is possible, but we already have six confirmed and/or rumored body styles on the way, and there aren't many other gaps to fill.

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Perhaps an extended version of the Sport Type SUV wouldn't be out of the question, giving Toyota something to take on the Jeep Wagoneer L and with ample space for both cargo and third-row occupants.

Until Toyota confirms what the Crown Signia is, we have a lot to look forward to with the sedan confirmed for the USA. It not only looks nothing like the Avalon but will be available with a 340-horsepower Hybrid Max powertrain and a modern interior with dual 12.3-inch displays.

We expect more details about the Crown family to come to light in the weeks and months ahead.

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