Toyota Dealer Suspiciously Drops $15k Markup On BZ4X EV Following Public Backlash

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Who would pay extra for a bZ4X anyway?

A Toyota dealership in Utah has been busted for trying to sell a bZ4X for $70,507, though the price has seemingly dropped to $55,507 since the news broke on InsideEVs.

The publication reached out to find out why the dealer was charging a $15,000 premium, and the dealer apparently said it was due to a shortage of bZ4Xs in the Denver region.

Toyota Bountiful is located in Bountiful, roughly ten miles north of Salt Lake City, famous for not being near Denver. In fact, Denver is a nine-hour drive away from Bountiful. CarBuzz also found a bZ4X for sale at the very first Toyota dealer we found on Google (Groove Toyota), also selling for what appears to be a $5,470 market adjustment.

Bountiful Toyota
2023 Toyota bZ4X Driving Front Angle Toyota

It's also worth mentioning that Americans aren't particularly interested in the bZ4X. We can safely say Toyota's first mass-produced EV was highly-anticipated, but then the wheels literally came off. It also doesn't do too well in the cold, so we can't think of a single reason why anyone in Denver would be interested in this particular EV. The same goes for the Subaru Solterra, a bZ4X with a Subie badge pasted to the front.

In this segment, the Tesla Model Y is the undisputed leader. It may be sold out until April in certain specs, but we're willing to bet customers will happily wait for a less expensive, vastly superior model.

Since Toyota Bountiful dropped the price of the bZ4X by the time we visited the website, we decided to browse around and find other price inflations. Used car prices might be returning to normal, but the dreaded "market adjustment" will still be a part of our lives for some time.

Bountiful Toyota
Bountiful Toyota
Bountiful Toyota

Toyota Bountiful is currently charging a $5,000 market adjustment for the GR86 and GR Supra and a $10,000 adjustment for the Crown and Sequoia in the new Capstone trim. The total price for the Sequoia Capstone with the market adjustment and a $2,494 "Performance Package" is $93,322. The package is a dealer accessory with a clear exterior mask, window tint, and interior and exterior paint protection.

We built a fully-loaded Sequoia Capstone on Toyota's online configurator, and the price plus destination came to $81,295. The new Sequoia is an excellent car, but would you pay $12,000 over sticker to get one as soon as possible?

Bountiful is not the only dealer doing this, and this one is relatively tame compared to some of the markups we've seen. Still, it damages the brand's reputation, especially after Toyota recently launched a new platform that makes finding EV incentives easier.

In this writer's opinion, the dealers are turning themselves into villains, which will only increase support for the direct sales model.

Bountiful Toyota

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