Toyota Debuts Hilux GR Sport Truck We All Want In America

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Too bad it's not coming Stateside.

Toyota Australia unveiled the Hilux GR Sport this week, and we can't help but be green with envy.

While we're pretty happy with Toyota's truck offerings here in the States, we've wanted a Toyota Hilux of our own since Top Gear dropped a building on one. The Toyota Tacoma and Tundra TRD are genuinely sporty trucks at a (mildly) affordable price, but we've yet to see these two models work after spending a week with Jeremy Clarkson.

We have Toyota Racing Development in the States to fill that sport truck niche. But a Gazoo Racing-tuned Hilux with 221 horsepower and 405 lb-ft of torque sounds pretty appealing. Power comes from a sturdy 2.8-liter turbocharged four-cylinder diesel.

Toyota Australia Toyota Australia

Toyota calls the changes over the standard Hilux, which is roughly the size of the Tacoma, "Dakar-inspired."

That means a much wider track over the stock car, as evidenced by the hard-to-miss black over-fenders. It also means all-terrain tires, upgraded suspension, rock rails, and more recovery points. Suspension changes include new front lower control arms and monotube dampers with stiffer front springs.

On top of all that, Toyota adds disc brakes to the rear. We thought this was some anomaly, but standard Hilux models are equipped with drum brakes at the rear. Despite this oversight, the Hilux remains a best-seller in almost every country it's sold in.

Toyota Australia Toyota Australia

Inside, there are a few items to help differentiate the truck from the rest of the Hilux lineup. A Toyota GR Sport-specific steering wheel has been fitted, and the six-speed automatic transmission can be shifted manually via larger paddles behind the new steering wheel.

Like the GR Corolla, the Hilux GR Sport gets some Alcantara seat centers to help it feel a bit more sporty. The truck also appears to boast Toyota's latest infotainment.

Pricing hasn't been announced; frankly, it doesn't matter much. This is just another cool overseas toy we can add to the list of cars we want but can't have.

Toyota Australia Toyota Australia

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