Toyota Denies GR86 Warranty Claim, New GMC Canyon Incoming, Rivian Left In The Cold: Cold Start

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Meanwhile, Maserati's latest warranty goes toe-to-toe with Hyundai, and Genesis goes big on luxury for a little price.

Hello gearheads, car flippers, tinkerers, and internet trolls, it's time for the daily roundup of yesterday's hottest car news, Cold Start. Month end means sales reports and high-end car brands are sitting pretty. But the news wasn't all financial, as Aston Martin announced two new cars were coming to Pebble Beach, and Saudi Arabian oil giant Aramco bought out a big chunk of American oil company Valvoline. Strange Dutch supercar maker Spyker could be revived… again, and Mazda dropped a new CX-50 Meridian Edition.

But the major headlines focused elsewhere. Toyota is embroiled in a warranty claim dispute over too much sealant while denying the claim based on a photo of an owner drifting his GR86. Maserati, meanwhile, is introducing a new ten-year warranty to put owners at ease. Rivian believes it's getting the raw end of the deal with the government's new EV incentive plan, Genesis has managed to undercut the S-Class with the G90 pricing, and GMC has teased the new Canyon ahead of its reveal.


Rivian Draws Short Straw On New EV Rebate Bill

The proposed new legislation for EVs in America is big news, and rightly so. It seeks to scrap the production thresholds for a $7,500 tax rebate on EVs, and could give used car buyers up to $4,000 in tax rebates. But it has some stipulations, including the price of the EVs in question and the location of the production - which must be in North America. As things stand, only 12 BEVs sold in America qualify, and Rivian isn't on the list. RJ Scaringe's company feels like the brand is being hard done by. While base R1T and R1S models would technically fall below the $80,000 price for SUVs, Rivian isn't yet producing these, and supply chain constraints could further see these MSRPs rise, taking them out of contention further. Rivian feels the bill favors foreign manufacturers who can come in at a lower cost rather than American startups.

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2022 Rivian R1S SUV Front Angle View Rivian
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Toyota Refuses GR86 Warranty Claim Based On Photo

Anyone following the marketing campaign for the new Toyota GR86 will know it centers heavily around motorsport and drifting. Heck, Toyota even gives you a free one-year membership to the National Auto Sport Association (NASA) for its events and track days. But the brand, or at least its distributor, Gulf States Toyota, has denied a warranty claim on a 2022 GR86 with less than 15,000 miles on the clock with spun bearings based on a single photo of its owner going sideways at a track day event. The owner claims the issue stems from a manufacturing fault in which Toyota used too much sealant, which in turn blocked the oil pickup and led to starvation. Toyota North America is now investigating, but the situation is spreading across social media like wildfire.

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Genesis G90 Undercuts S-Class Pricing

Hyundai's luxury arm, Genesis, is rapidly challenging brand perceptions in the USA. Its news model, the ultra-luxury G90 has just launched for the 2023 model year with a top-spec model still starting at under six figures. The S-Class rival starts at $88,400 in base twin-turbo V6 form, while the e-supercharged version with 409 horsepower starts at $98,700. In addition to striking styling, the G90 gets air suspension, rear-wheel steering, massaging seats with heating and ventilation, and tons more luxury to rival the S-Class. With the brand targeting bespoke ultra-luxury, such competitive pricing is bound to give it a leg up on German rivals.

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New GMC Canyon Teased

Following the unveiling of the freshly redesigned Chevrolet Colorado, it's more luxurious corporate sibling is now ready to start strutting its stuff. Ahead of a reveal later this month on August 11, GMC has teased the new model with a single front-on shot of the midsize truck's headlight, grille, and a portion of its nudge bar. In what appears to be a hardcore AT4X guise, we're expecting it to use the same turbocharged 2.7-liter engine from the Colorado with varying states of tune available. We don't have long to wait, though, as the reveal happens next week.

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Maserati’s Mega Ten-Year Warranty Announced

Mention Italian cars in a circle of car guys and the jokes start instantly about electrical issues and reliability problems. Typically, manufacturers who suffer such issues also have short warranties, and the extensive ones are left to brands that have proven reliable. So imagine our surprise when Maserati announced the Extra10 Warranty Program, covering engine and transmission components for a full decade, building on the brand's current extended warranty platform. Available globally from October 1, 2022, existing clients can upgrade their warranty to the new package, whether you drive a new MC20 or a slightly older Ghibli.

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