Toyota Designer Shows Us What The Electric Corvette Should Look Like

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This looks superbly retro.

Electricity is good for performance. We know this because we've been told that the Corvette E-Ray will be even quicker than the Z06 version. As much as that may bother V8-loving hordes of Corvette, the day will eventually come when even the famous Stingray badge will refer to an electric sports car.

We've considered some design possibilities of what the Vette could look like if approached from a totally unique angle, but this is more than just a flight of fancy. Eventually, the 'skateboard' architecture that most EVs use will mean that building a unique body atop the chassis shouldn't be very difficult. So what if Chevrolet looks to the past for inspiration one day? Former Toyota designer Craig Kember shows us how such a machine could look.

Craig Kember

Kember's design is clearly inspired by Corvettes of old, most notably the C3 Stingray that is now considered one of the most beautiful American sports cars ever made. Sharp lines dominate the design, with a swooping glasshouse framed by massive wheelhouses on each corner of the car. Interestingly, Kember's design adds vents to the hood, but the rest of the design hints at an electric powertrain, with no exhaust tips and no clear indication of intake vents. Sadly, all we get to see of the 'Electro Stingray', as Kember calls it, is what you see in the above Instagram post, so we don't know what the front of the car would look like.

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This is an interesting design proposition, as it shows that GM need not continually look for ways to enhance the design of the Stingray. The classic lines and shapes of early models clearly fit well with a futuristic world, and it's only a matter of time before designers of the future return to body shapes with more defined angles and sharp edges. After all, fashion - even that of car design - tends to draw inspiration from past works that have made an impact on pop culture. And with the most aggressively styled Corvette ever being electric, there would be no downsides to driving around in something from a comic book. Or are we looking at this all wrong? Should designs keep evolving and changing? Only the buying public can influence that decision.

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