Toyota Explains Why Owners Can't Resell Their 2022 Land Cruiser

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A pledge has to be signed as part of the sale.

The Toyota Land Cruiser is absolutely incredible in its latest iteration, just as it has been for decades before. The new one was revealed last month and is so good that Dubai's police fleet now includes one, and that's some seriously special company. Demand is sure to be high, and a couple of days ago, Toyota announced plans to prevent resales of the new luxury off-roader (which includes buyers signing a no-resale pledge), citing the potential for foreign exchange laws to be violated when the vehicle is exported. These plans have now been more clearly elaborated on in a statement from the automaker, but no specific end date is given after which one may resell their 300 Series LC.

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Among other things, the statement reads as follows: "The Land Cruiser is particularly popular overseas, and we are concerned about the flow of vehicles from Japan to overseas immediately after their release, as well as the possibility of them being exported to certain regions where security regulations are in place.

"We are also aware that if the situation were to develop to the point where a Toyota dealership was to be investigated on suspicion of involvement in a violation of the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law (Foreign Exchange Law), it would be a major problem not only for the Toyota dealership in question but also for all Toyota dealers and Toyota Motor Corporation."

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The statement goes on to explain that Toyota has taken these measures based on the "recent global situation and the characteristics of the Land Cruiser, and we believe that they do not violate the Anti-Monopoly Law."

So the reasoning behind this seems to be to avoid an international security threat, but the bonus is that those who want one of these vehicles for personal use will not have to be subject to the insane markups that highly sought-after vehicles are typically subjected to once released. Unfortunately, Toyota has not elaborated on how long it expects buyers to keep their vehicles before selling them on, although a reference in an earlier statement suggested that this waiting period would be one calendar year.

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