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Toyota FCV Concept is All About Hydrogen

Motor Show / 29 Comments

This could become the Prius of hydrogen-powered cars.

Toyota has scored a major financial and green-image hit with Prius hybrid over the years, and the automaker is hoping to repeat that success with a hydrogen-powered vehicle. There's been talk of such a car being in development for some time, and now Toyota has revealed the Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) concept, which could very well lead to a production version in 2015. The FCV concept, however, will have its official premiere later this month at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Toyota hasn't given away much in terms of exact details, but was quick to point out that the FCV uses two 70 MPa high-pressure hydrogen tanks located underneath the body, and has a power output density of 3 kW/L and an output of at around 100kW. All told, the vehicle can go 310 miles before refueling is required. Styling wise, the FCV isn't outright terrible, but it's also not very exciting either. We like the curvy body side panels and large front vents, but overall the concept is more of a technological than a design study. More details to follow in the coming weeks.

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