Toyota Finally Expanding TRD Editions To Cars, Starting With The Camry For Some Reason

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Doesn't sound exciting, but it might surprise us.

Car companies seem to have a very strange relationship with young people. Efforts to sell them cars are sometimes borderline painful to watch, but it seems that Toyota might finally have come up with something that will work. Toyota's TRD (Toyota Racing Development) editions of its pickup trucks have been a big sales success, and the thinking now seems to be that by giving the same treatment to cars will help to bring in young buyers.


This seems pretty sensible to us, especially given the extent to which the original muscle car market was built on young buyers. Carmakers will keep trying to find other things that work, but young people don't want Scions, they want power. Toyota's efforts will begin with the Camry, which might seem illogical to you, but Toyota has spent a lot of money on Camry name recognition via NASCAR, and this is a way to cash in on that. And there's really no reason why there couldn't be an impressive Camry, assuming it's done right. But we're really curious to see what else might be in store, hopefully it's less of a stretch.

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