Toyota FJ Cruiser: Japan's Gas Guzzler Response to Hummer H2

Driven by soccer moms and dentists with no intention of going off-road.

You can see what Toyota was trying to do with the now discontinued FJ Cruiser. It was a throwback to the old Toyota FJs of the past, which have since become a bit of an icon. But back in 2006, Toyota felt it needed a response to GM’s Hummer H2. Initially it was a smart idea, selling just over 56,000 units during its first year on the market. But by the time 2012 rolled around, only around 13,000 were sold. The FJ Cruiser went from being a pretty bad ass pure SUV with cool retro looks to a naughty gas guzzler.

Who drove them during its heyday? A lot of soccer moms and those who wanted to look more hip while towing boats to their cottage. OK, perhaps that was a bit harsh, but even Regular Car Reviews has a hard time describing the nature of the FJ Cruiser.

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