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The 2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser is an eye catching vehicle that continues to impress reviewers with its unique, retro inspired styling and solid off-road performance. The downside is that the FJ Cruiser's interior and on pavement ride simply aren't up to the higher standards of many other affordable SUVS. Upon its 2007 introduction, the Toyota FJ Cruiser quickly wowed us with its out of this world looks and impressive off-road performance.

The vehicle has also received some enhancements for 2010, so it can continue to impress us. The 2010 FJ Cruiser comes in two trims: the base model and a new for 2010 Special Edition. The Special edition adds off-road equipment and a trail programmed navigation system, and it's available in either two or four wheel drive. The 2010 FJ Cruiser is a decent enough performer on the pavement, even though the non off-roaders in its class offer smoother rides and quieter engines. The FJ Cruiser features an updated 4.0-liter V6 that makes 259 horsepower.

It is available with a five speed electronically controlled automatic transmission or an optional six speed manual for the full time 4WD model. Along with the added power, the new engine comes with better fuel economy. EPA ratings place the FJ Cruiser at 17/22 city/highway in two wheel drive, and at 17/21 city/highway in 4WD. The exterior has been called "cartoonish" and over the top, but it's attracted a lot of attention. The car sports suicide doors, but they are difficult to use because you have to open the front doors before you open the rear ones.

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Inside, the seating is comfortable enough, but the rear seats get negative reviews. The interior has also been called cheap because of the cheap plastics used in the cabin, but the features found are easy to use and durable.

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