Toyota FT-86 AKA Scion FR-S

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Moto Miwa has spied the new FT-86/Scion FR-S and says it doesn't just look good... it looks great.

Moto Miwa is the founder of Club4AG, a site dedicated to the car that inspired the Toyota FT-86, the AE86. He spoke with Toyota Chief Engineer Tada-san and this super fan claims he saw the final production version of the FT-86. The FT-86 strikes a resemblance to the original FT-86 Concept and steals a few things from the Scion FR-S Concept. The American and overseas models will look the same, just feature different badging. In the U.S. it will be badged the Scion FR-S, and for the rest of the world it will be badged the FT-86.

Miwa says the car was built with tuners and racers in mind, including spaces near the dashboard for easy rollcage installation and detachment, space under the hood and engine mounts for easy engine swaps. The car truly is a driver's candy store. The FT-86 will run a supercharged 4-cylinder Subaru boxer engine developed in conjunction with Yamaha engineers. Miwa claims it will change automobiles forever, dropping such names as the BMW 2002, VW Beetle, '65 Mustang, and the Datsun 510 along the way. He says it is the epitome of 'basic' and 'pure', but far from cheap.

"Never before, has such low-cost niche-car seen so much research, so much development budget and resourced with so many talents," said Miwa. He claims Toyota Chief Akio Toyoda personally endorses this car. The Toyota FT-86/Scion FR-S is one of the most highly anticipated cars of the year, and it is set to debut this fall.

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