Toyota Ft-Bh Hybrid Concept Finally Revealed in Geneva


Toyota brings their gasoline-electric technology into an affordable compact hybrid concept.

The lightweight, next generation, small gasoline-electric hybrid concept was today unveiled by Toyota at the Geneva Motor Show. The Ft-Bh (Future Toyota B-segment Hybrid) is extremely fuel-efficient with a fuel economy rating of 112mpg and CO2 emissions of 49g/km, which is less than half the B-segment car average. The concept "aims to provide an enjoyable driving experience through highly responsive and nimble operability."

This it achieves via an ultra-efficient powertrain made up of a 1.0-liter, two cylinder gasoline engine, and by having a curb weight of just 786kg, and reduced air resistance (0.235 drag coefficient). The bullet-shaped body, designed to evoke images of the flowing wind, has a front that features vertical lamps integrated into the fenders and a large lower grille. A tapered rear body and slightly concaved rear-end helps to further reduce air resistance. The interior upholstery uses light and breathable materials for effective interior temperature management.

Ultra-thin shell seats provide comfort and more rear legroom, while a center display shows rear views via the three body-mounted cameras. A rear-view mirror boasts ambient superimposed display providing information and warnings about vehicles reflected in the mirror.

Toyota says the idea behind the concept is to make an affordable, ultra fuel-efficient four-seater, although a production model shouldn't be expected for a few years, if at all.

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