Toyota Gets Serious with the Prius GT300 Race Car


A Prius race car? Hey, anything's possible these days.

Yes, that title rhymes. Moving past that, it's been known for some time now that Toyota wants to shed its conservative and boring image in favor of some true performance credentials. Clearly, the LFA is an amazing example of Toyota Performance Division's abilities and we assume that we'll see more of it in the very near future with more powerful versions of the GT-86/Scion FR-S. For now, however, the Japanese automaker has turned their attention to, of all models, the Prius.

Originally reported back in November in the Japanese publication Auto Sport Magazine, there was a rumor that Toyota wanted to have a GT300 entry based on the Prius. Sounded laughable at first, but now the completed car is on display at the 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon. As of now, we don't have many details about it, other than it has roughly 300hp that keeps it in line with GT300 regulations. It may be a little hard at first to see that this is in fact a Prius, but if you can get past the added body aerodynamics, you can unquestionably make out the silhouette of everyone's favorite hybrid.

What got our attention was the nifty looking device resting on what's normally the front passenger seat. We're thinking it's possibly a regenerative braking system. In the meantime, you can check out these photos to see for yourself what exactly the Prius looks like in race car form. We have to admit, it doesn't look horrible and even the rear spoiler doesn't look all that tacky. Photos courtesy of

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